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Is Kasich Worth $148,165?

Governor Kasich earns $148,165 a year, $10,000 more than what his predecessor, Democrat Ted Strickland earned, and he is eligible to receive automatic 3% “step increases.”

Gov. Kasich’s twenty-seven cabinet members earn an average pay of more than $131,000. At least twenty-two of them receive an extra $6,000 annual car allowance. At least seven cabinet members are on government pensions in addition to receiving their salaries.

Members of the General Assembly earn $60,584 for part-time work; the average salary of Ohio workers is just over $40,000. Among the seventy representatives and senators who voted for SB 5, only eight earn the least legislative salary. The remaining 62 receive “leadership bonuses” ranging from $5,000 to $34,000 annually. The average bonus is $8,600.

Twelve House and Senate members are double dippers; one is a triple dipper. House Speaker William Batchelder (R-Medina) receives over $100,000 in PERS pension, in addition to his legislative salary of $94,500.

Members of the General Assembly receive unlimited sick pay for any reason.

Via Vindy.com.


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