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Mandel’s Statement About Brown’s Finances Is Wrong

Sherrod Brown, member of the United States Senate.

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During an interview with WKYC in Cleveland on September 1, Ohio treasurer Josh Mandel was asked about campaign contributions from employees of a Canton direct mail firm. Many people have questioned how those employees could afford to write such large campaign checks, so reporter Tom Beres asked Mandel what he would say to people who are disturbed by those contributions.

Mandel responded with a swipe at Senator Sherrod Brown, the Democratic incumbent he hopes to defeat in 2012’s Senate race. “Well, the majority last quarter of Sherrod Brown’s campaign contributions came from outside of the state of Ohio,” he said. “The majority of ours, came from inside of the state of Ohio.”

Mandel’s answer caused PolitiFact to spring into action to see whether he was correct. He wasn’t.

In the most recent quarter, Sen. Brown got the majority of his contributions from Ohioans ($623,049), compared with out-of-staters ($609,506).

On the Truth-O-Meter, Mandel’s statement is simply False.

Via PolitiFact.


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