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American Jobs Act Would Fund Ohio Schools

Yesterday, President Obama submitted to Congress the American Jobs Act. Today, the President is visiting the Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School in Columbus to highlight his proposal to put workers back on the job by rebuilding and modernizing schools across the country.

The President is proposing a $25 billion investment in school infrastructure that will modernize at least 35,000 public schools. The investment will create jobs and improve classrooms to meet twenty-first century needs.

It includes a priority for rural schools and dedicated funding for Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools. Funds can be used for asbestos abatement and removal, emergency repair, greening and energy efficiency upgrades, renovation, and modernization efforts to build new science and computer labs.

Under the American Jobs Act, Ohio could receive up to $985,500,000 in funding for schools to support as many as 12,800 jobs. Included in this amount are direct funds for four of Ohio’s largest school districts:

  • The Columbus  City School District could receive up to $111.6 million

In addition, Ohio could receive $148,300,000 in funding in the next fiscal year for its community colleges.

Via ProgressOhio.


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