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Republican Election Strategy: Keep Democrats from Voting

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

Like this guy? If you want to keep him in office, you'll have to work hard for your right to vote. Image via Wikipedia

You may have heard about the recent voter suppression bill in Ohio, HB194. It makes significant changes to the way we are allowed to vote, including:

  • If voters are at the wrong precinct, poll workers would not be required to tell them of this or direct them to the correct one. When people cast votes in the wrong place, their votes are not counted.
  • Mail-in voting would be reduced from five weeks to three weeks.
  • Early voting would be reduced from five weeks to two weeks.
  • Early voting would not longer be available during evening hours or Sundays, when many people chose to early vote in the last election.
  • Third party candidates on the ballot would no longer have party identification.

The bill is an obvious attempt to disenfranchise Ohio voters. Without absentee ballots or weekend voting, many people who voted in 2008 (and elected a guy named Barack Obama, whom you may have heard of) would not be able to cast their votes.

This bill is more than just an attempt to disenfranchise all Ohio voters, though; it’s a concentrated effort to prevent progressive voters in particular from exercising their right to vote. Citizens affected by these roadblocks include people who are more likely to vote for Democrats: students, the working poor, the unemployed, minorities, and people who turn out to the polls to vote on SB5.


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