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Rep. Sutton Issues Statement Regarding Obama’s Jobs Plan

President Barack Obama speaks to a joint sessi...

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Today, Congresswoman Betty Sutton (OH-13) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s speech before a joint session of Congress:

The most important issue to my constituents is the issue of creating jobs. Tonight, President Obama echoed the urgency felt across Northeast Ohio that first and foremost we must get people back to work. The strength of our economy and nation depend on it. Given an opportunity and a fair playing field, American workers will out-work and out-innovate anyone, but they can’t work if there are no jobs. We must take immediate steps to support our workers and create jobs and I am glad that the President is focused on that.

Over the past months I have spoken with businesses and employees throughout Northeast Ohio. From small businesses to large factories, the people of our state just want a fair shake and a chance to work; it’s up to us to come together to put forth common-sense solutions that will strengthen our middle class, revitalize our manufacturing base, and rebuild our infrastructure and economy. We are the United States of America; we can get our people back to work if we are resolute in our mission. I know that I am and I hope that all of my colleagues in Congress and at every level of service will join together to face the urgency of our need to help people get back to work.

Via ProgressOhio.


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