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Issue 3 Would Halt Countless Health Care Laws Already in Place

Today, Innovation Ohio, a Columbus think tank, along with Professors Maxwell Mehlman and Jessie Hill of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law charged that a proposed amendment to the Ohio constitution, the “Ohio Health Care Freedom Amendment” (Issue 3) is “so sloppily and ambiguously worded that it would threaten a wide range of already-existing Ohio health programs, practices and policies enacted and supported by Republican and Democratic office-holders alike.” The analysis is contained in a report titled “Bad Medicine: Unintended Consequences of Ohio’s Issue 3,” which you can find here.

Issue 3 is apparently aimed at eliminated the so-called “individual mandate” to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, but the language is so broad  that it would also ban or freeze other laws and requirements that provide oversight of the medical and insurance professions. Among the programs likely affected are:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Child Support
  • College and University Student Health Insurance
  • Monitoring of “Pill Mills”
  • Abortion Notifications under HB 78 (and possibly all of HB 78)
  • Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Tax Levies
  • School Immunizations and Disease Tracking
  • Licensing of Health Care Providers and Insurance Agents

Via ProgressOhio.


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