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Anthony Sowell Files Motion for New Trial, Claiming Jury Bias

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Anthony Sowell, who was sentenced to death last week, is asking a Cuyahoga County judge for a new trial, arguing that the jury harbored a bias against him from the start.

After announcing their recommendation that Sowell receive the death penalty, described their experience during the ten-week trial.

The jury foreperson said she was offended by Sowell’s eye contact and said that the defendant winked at her.

In a motion filed Friday, Sowell’s attorneys said the juror’s comments suggest she was prejudiced against him. They also argue that the foreperson developed a bias against Sowell before testimony began. She told reporters that during the jury’s tour of Sowell’s Imperial Avenue home, she was overwhelmed with a sense of the horrible events that occurred inside the house. Sowell’s lawyers argue that the jury foreperson drew her conclusion about Sowell’s guilt before any evidence was presented and should have brought her feelings to the court’s attention.

Sowell was convicted July 22 of the aggravated murder of eleven women.


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