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Anti-Health Care Amendment to Appear on November Ballot

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Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Tuesday that opponents of the national health care overhaul law have enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment regarding the law on the state’s November ballot.

A liberal policy group, however, said it is finding invalid signatures in its review. If it finds enough invalid signatures, the group could file a challenge to the proposed amendment.

The measure would alter the Ohio Constitution to prohibit any federal, state, or local law from forcing Ohio residents, employers, or health-care providers to participate in a health-care system. It would also prevent the state from enacting a statewide health-care program such as the one in Massachusetts.

If passed, the amendment would not apply to any law in effect before March 19, 2010 to allow Ohioans to participate in programs such as Medicare.

The amendment will be on the ballot alongside a measure to repeal a contentious collective bargaining law. The two measures will drive people to the polls.


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