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Gov. Kasich Signs Senate Bill 5 into Law


Image by Ohio AFL-CIO via Flickr

Today, Governor John Kasich signed into law what was known as Senate Bill 5, the limit on the collective bargaining rights of 350,000 public workers.

His signature came a day after the bill was passed by the state House and Senate.

The new law prevents unions from negotiating wages, eliminates automatic pay increases, and bans strikes. It applies to firefighters, nurses, police, and teachers.

Senate Bill 5 prompted weeks of protests by tens of thousands of people.

Democrats, who opposed the measure, delivered to the House labor committee more than 65,000 signatures of people opposing the bill.

Further, Democrats have vowed to lead a ballot-repeal effort. They have 90 days to gather 231,148 valid signatures to get a repeal effort on the ballot.

Via HuffPo.


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