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Ex-GOP Congressional Candidate Indicted on Sex Charges

Not a lot went well for Democrats – or for all Ohioans, for that matter – in the 2010 midterms.

However, one district in Ohio didn’t just fall for the pandering Tea Party nonsense so many politicians threw out in their campaigns. Because of that, today, we can breathe a sigh of relief because used car salesman Tom Ganley does not represent the Ohio Thirteenth.

Tuesday, Ganley was indicted on three counts of gross sexual imposition and one count each of abduction, kidnapping, menacing by stalking, and soliciting.

For anyone out there who’s curious, the kidnapping charge alone is a first-degree felony, the highest degree of felony there is. If Ganley is convicted of all of the charges, the sixty-eight-year-old could be in prison for the long haul.

Ganley is accused of groping and soliciting sex from a thirty-seven-year-old car customer who offered to volunteer for his (then Senatorial) campaign after meeting him at a Tea Party rally in 2009.

The allegations against Ganley first emerged about five weeks before the November election. At the time, Ganley asserted that the plaintiff was a plant by his opponent, Rep. Betty Sutton. This was despite the fact that he and the plaintiff had already been through several months’ of mediation and that when he met the woman, he was running for Senate against Lee Fisher and not for the House against Rep. Sutton.

Ganley, who put about seven million dollars of his own money into his campaign, had in his coffers more than ten times as much as Sutton, who eventually beat him by eleven points – a huge spread, especially given Ohio’s political climate in November.

Sutton likely would have won reelection had it not been for Ganley’s, ahem, indiscretions anyway. She is much beloved in the working-class neighborhoods of Lorain and Summit Counties, which make up most of her district. Fortunately, she was able to win a commanding lead in November, so the rest of the country can see in Ohio’s Thirteenth nothing but a dedicated leader.

To see some of Rep. Sutton’s awards and recognitions, please click here; you’ll be glad you did.

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